December Gym Challenge: The Mince Pie Burn Off

With all the temptations that this season brings, it’s hard to stay on track with dietary goals and a healthy lifestyle. The gym is a lot quieter this time of year so all the more reason to get a good head start in your New Year goals, or even complete this years!

Do you know that each Mince Pie contains on average 250+ kcals!

Join our December Challenge and help Father Christmas burn off those mince Pies this festive period!

All you have to do is put your name on our sign up sheet in the gym and we will add you to the challenge! The wellness team will allocate you to one of our 2 competing teams! Either Team Dasher or Team Blitzen.

Up until Christmas, Dasher and Blitzen teams will compete to help Father Christmas burn off the most Mince Pies (250 calories).

Simply add you total calorie burn to your team when you have finished your workout, and whichever team has burned off the most mince pies will win! The calories from classes and workouts in the gym count so everyone can get involved!

Please have a go and let us know how you get on!

Have a great month

James Abbott
Wellness Manager