Member of the Month – Alexander Jones

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“In the last few months I’ve made some major lifestyle changes. In September 2018 I went vegan and drifted along getting used to the new diet for about 5 months. Then in February, inspired by people like Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Nick Best, my mate Rob from Uni & the Wellness Team here at Benton Hall, I set myself a goal to bulk – increase size & strength dramatically all the while maintaining veganism.

I quit smoking in February, calculated the minimum macros I needed to eat each day (220g protein, 100g fat, 450g carb, ~3.6K cals) and devised a 6 day per week weight training schedule to hit this goal.

There have been a few weeks when I’ve been away due to work, but when I’m in the country I’ve rigorously stuck to this plan.

To date, my overall weight has increased from 76.7Kgs to 93.6Kgs in four months which is a gain of 16.9Kgs (2stone 9lbs). Of this, 13.4Kgs (2stone 2lbs) has been muscle. Long may this metamorphism continue!”

Alexander Jones

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