Course Update


Well, here we are at the end of another great golfing season.  The summer has been a good one for golf, but although wetter than last, still a dry summer for managing sports turf.  The course has held up well considering, with fewer areas requiring renovation as we head into the Autumn period.

The greens maintenance went well earlier in the season and full recovery has taken place.  We have applied further light sand dressing since to improve ball roll.  As we head into early October, we will be cutting back the long rough areas, which will give the course a much more open feel for a time.  Early next season we will spray these areas, before letting them re-establish again.  Many turf surfaces over the next month will receive a light feed to improve nutrient levels as we head into the colder period and to give the weaker areas a helping hand in recovering before Winter.

We are planning during October to bring in a digger to remove grass and silt from the ditches to aid drainage on the course.  Further spiking and light dressings will take place on the greens whilst we have the weather to do so.  This will improve plant health and take them into the winter in good shape.

Finally, as we move forward in the latter months of this year we lose the ability to start early and have the course set up due to the lack of light, and whilst growth is there, we will still need to roll and cut the greens regularly.  We also will have the added issue of early morning frosts, again this will prevent early morning cutting and therefore staff will be cutting green surfaces later in the day.  Your continued support and understanding on this is always appreciated.

Many thanks

Course Manager.

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