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Creche Update

The Summer Holidays have been and gone and I’m sure you are getting back into the school run routine, we had lots going on over the 6 weeks off and we hope you and your children enjoyed the break.

We had a few children make the move to school this year so we hope they have settled well into ‘big school’ and are making lots of new friends.

We are now moving into the Autumn and we are looking forward to making lots of Autumnal Arts and Crafts and planning activities for the children to enjoy.

We are hoping to continue to use the garden over the Autumn and Winter so please ensure you are bringing Hats, Coats etc so your children can continue to use the outside space.

Inevitably the cooler months do bring with them a few coughs and colds so just to remind you that if your child is unwell and you won’t be coming to the club to call and cancel your space.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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