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Member of the Month


Congratulations Jack Worrell!

Having always had a certain natural athletic competence and a fast metabolism (and creaky knees), I deluded myself in to thinking that I could do no exercise and eat badly and get away with it.

However, having seen the error of my ways, I started my gym-going experience five years after joining Benton Hall and decided to take the plunge and start doing some exercise. This meant that I had to cut back on the things that I love (pizza, cheeseburgers and fizzy drinks), all in aid of achieving that ever-elusive six-pack.

Sharon and the other members of the Wellness Team have willingly cajoled me in to undertaking ever more strenuous exercises. Which means that I can now climb a set of stairs without feeling knackered and being able to tie my shoes and not pulling a muscle in my back.

I am now healthier and a lot fitter than I have ever been…until the next cheeseburger, that is…….