I joined Benton Hall when it first opened, after my body said enough of running, cycling, swimming, canoeing, triathlons, marathons, and half marathons. The gym staff have been amazing in designing programmes for my needs. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with neurology general dystonia and the staff in the gym have been very supportive, understanding and helpful along with some of the members.

Ian S

I've been a member of Benton Hall for 12 years and thoroughly recommend it. It's well-run, the facilities are excellent and the staff are friendly and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I've spent most of that time wearing out my trainers on a treadmill, but last November I decided to try some PT sessions. I had no idea how to use weights and was concerned about maintaining bone strength as I get older. I was going way out of my comfort zone and didn't expect to enjoy myself. I was wrong. Today I'm fitter than I have ever been. I've lost over 3 stone. My body fat percentage has gone from 46% to 34%. My VO2 Max has gone from "rubbish" (I think the technical term was more polite) to "excellent". Ellis has introduced me to a huge variety of exercise options. I look forward to visiting the gym and am really happy with my progress.

Bella M

Last April I joined Slimming World. I was so embarrassed that I joined a group miles away from where I live so that I wouldn’t know anyone there. At that stage I could not get around 9 holes of golf without struggling for breath. Two things inspired me to make a change: a local four-year-old lad named Jacob who had Neuroblastoma, and a friend of mine who had recently been paralysed from the waist down in a terrorist attack. Both of them had been dealt a difficult and unfair hand in life, and here I was just playing around with my health. I needed to change. I started to walk round the block and I’m not going to lie, it was a struggle! But after just 6 weeks I lost 2 stone. Then in July I joined Benton Hall, had my induction and set up a programme, and my life changed! In April 2017 I weighed in at 21 stone. By November 2017 I weighed 16 stone! The members and staff at Benton Hall have improved my life in so many ways. I have never once felt judged or intimated walking in to the gym or anywhere within the club. All the staff, including general manager Jody, have time and interest in you as an individual. I still have more to achieve but for now I can honestly say I love my life! You’ve made me feel amazing in just six months so thank you ALL.

Mark S

It all started back in April 2016 when I looked into entering the London Marathon. I wasn't successful with my application so I thought I would look around for a suitable half marathon to compete in. I eventually found the Royal Parks Half Marathon and finally took the plunge. Completing the race in 2hr 21min (I must admit longer than I anticipated) I was extremely happy in completing it for my late mum and her charity. Now it was time to get into the gym again and formulate a new plan. Benton Hall is an amazing place to come to train and relax. The help I have received and the motivation which was given by Chelsea and James have been superb. I needed to lose some weight, and in conjunction with a decent diet and a workout program I have dropped from 18st 4 down to 16st 8. I still intend to lose more luggage as I have finally got a place in the most famous marathon of them all. Rock on for April 22nd! I look forward in working with the gym staff in helping me build towards my future goal of completing the London Marathon.

Mark S

I've never been sporty, but I knew as I was getting older I needed to start looking after myself. When I got ill it was taking me longer to bounce back, I'd started piling on weight, and none of my clothes fitted me any more...so depressing. I'd already started to make lifestyle changes, I'd given up drinking and smoking...but then my natural sweet tooth began to take over and sugar got a real grip of me. Still, exercise didn't appeal to me. I liked swimming but was scared of the gym. I thought it would be full of super fit and confident people who would stop and stare at me when I walked in as though I was totally out of place. But I needn't have worried. Chelsea helped me pick out a routine that I could do every day before work and I started to go most mornings. I began to see a difference almost straight away. My job can be stressful, but 40 minutes’ workout before I got in completely changed my mindset and I was more upbeat and energised. And no-one in the gym ever made me feel like I was out of place either! Then I read an email about the Sugar Challenge. Sugar is my enemy and I knew my diet needed a drastic overhaul. No use hitting the gym and then eating a bar of chocolate every day for lunch! So for the entire month of May, I cut it out completely. I exercised every day and I ate well. And I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel now. During the Sugar Challenge I lost 3.4kg, 4.5% body fat and increased muscle mass by 1.8kg! I love going to the gym now, and I'm almost confident enough to try a few classes too!

Jenny S

Just over 8 weeks ago I decided I needed to lose at least 7 pounds, tone up and get fitter, so I decided to call James and enquire about some Personal Training sessions. I'm so glad I did. Over the past weeks I have learned that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I have lifted weights I would never have dreamed possible, used equipment I thought was only for the “fit” people, and not found it scary at all. I have even balanced on a BOSU ball and achieved 3 sets of squats, although this took a lot of support from James as on the first set I nearly fell off! I can honestly say that I have been shown how to use every piece of equipment in the gym, and enjoyed them all, although some were tougher than others, but I have also learnt that you have to challenge yourself and push just that little bit harder. As for my goals, I managed to lose over 8 pounds in the 8 weeks, I feel fitter and to my great delight I am now only one year off my actual age with my metabolic age, despite starting at 15 years over. I enjoy the gym now, and this is down to James' help and support and giving me a can-do attitude, and of course some hard and sometimes very tough work from myself. I have now even signed up for 4 more sessions of PT with James, as I want to continue my journey and get even fitter.

Wendy C

So I made it - I ran the London Marathon! I wouldn't have been able to do it without a huge amount of help and support from Luiz at Benton Hall. When I started I knew nothing about training for a marathon, but Luiz set me 2 training programmes (one interval training, one stamina building) to complete in the gym each week as well as doing my long runs on a Saturday morning. Luiz listened to what I was finding 'easy' and what was more challenging. Although he pushed me every step of the way I never felt that I couldn’t do what I was asked of me. As my long runs started to become really difficult he amended my gym training to help me. I am now a convert - my hatred of running has disappeared and since finishing the Marathon I am missing my 3 hour runs on a Saturday morning! I couldn’t have done any of this without Luiz's help, support and advice!

Kathryn M

I came to Benton Hall for the pool as I had heard that the water was much warmer than in public swimming pools. I have back issues and unless the water is very warm my back can go into spasm. I grew to like the gym too. A gym routine is vital for me because without regular exercise my back seizes up and can be very painful. I also have a shoulder issue which, through James' program of exercises and stretches, has slowly improved in strength and flexibility. I had the top part of my left lung removed due to cancer and am also asthmatic, but thanks to the cardiovascular part of my workout I now breathe easier. Thanks to James and the other staff at Benton Hall I have noticed a significantly improved quality of life. After my lung removal operation, I felt very lethargic and my back was seizing up but now my energy levels and mobility have greatly improved.

Marran B

I have always been sporty and active, but my inspiration to keep fit is my adorable grandchildren who try their best to wear me out! I felt my fitness needed tweaking last October and asked Luiz for a complete overhaul of my training program. I wanted to drop a dress size and to take my fitness to another level. Since then I have worked out relentlessly and my physique has changed dramatically! I attend the gym most days, work on my running technique and do an intense circuit session with Simon coupled with Body Pump twice weekly. I have lost 3.5 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my arms and legs. My goal now is to maintain my fitness and enjoy workouts. Thanks to Luiz and everyone at Benton Hall for your support!

Pauline H

I have been a member of Benton Hall since 2006, but never got the consistent results I wanted as I used to cheat by treating myself to rich foods and drink at weekends. After Christmas 2012 my brother and I were determined to lose some weight. We cut out alcohol, started training 3-4 times a week and increased our cardio workouts to 50 minutes. We also followed a strict healthy eating plan with lots of vegetables, steamed chicken and fish. As a result I lost 22lbs and my brother lost 18lbs.

Sean F

I suffer from angina, rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and legs, and osteo-arthritis of the spine. On top of all this, my right ankle is literally 'screwed up', with stainless steel fasteners having been inserted. The team developed workout programmes to get me using the treadmills, bikes and rowing machines. Benton Hall has been instrumental in getting me back on my feet!

Tom L