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Your journey to an enhanced lifestyle starts here. Whether you've got clear goals or need somewhere to start, we've got the experience and the tools to help you get to where you want to be.


The gym team pride themselves on their commitment to every member - identifying your goals, providing motivation, offering support and helping you progress. Your Wellness Journey begins with a tailor-made programme designed for gradual and sustained health improvements.


With a designated Wellness Advisor for every member, the team focus on three key aims; to motivate, educate and encourage.


The standard and variety of equipment in the gym is second to none. Whether your goals are fitness related, sport specific, for rehabilitation purposes, weight loss or functional strength, an activity programme will be designed for you using the best facilities for your needs. Your Wellness Advisor will keep close contact and review your progress, amending your regime to achieve your goals.


We understand the importance of varied workout regimes. Group exercise classes are unlimited and available seven days a week. With over 135 classes per week and online booking, the flexibility is there to choose your best workout regime with guidance from your Wellness Advisor.


Go aerobic and high energy to burn calories, or try something holistic to reduce life’s stresses. With three studios providing a mixture of aerobic, holistic and Group Cycle classes you will find something that fits into your schedule and gets you closer to your goal.

Your Wellness Journey

Unique to The Club Company is the six-week Wellness Journey for all new members. Together, you and your dedicated Wellness Advisor will create a bespoke programme based on your goals and current fitness levels. Over the following six weeks, your advisor will remain in close contact to focus on your experience and progress.


And the journey doesn't stop there. Health club membership at Benton Hall also includes unlimited free programme reviews and the support of our expert Wellness Team on the gym floor at all times.


As water provides a natural resistance, swimming is an effective way of toning your muscles, increasing flexibility or aiding rehabilitation. Swimming offers a cardio workout while also working on an even body tone.


The swimming pool at Benton Hall is 18 metres in length and one constant depth. This allows for swimming lessons, Aqua classes and Family Splash sessions.


If finding time to relax is one of your goals, the spa, sauna and steam room will help you to practise relaxation techniques which can reduce stress symptoms. Relaxing is an important part of your all-round wellness and health.

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is designed for everyone. Whether you need to increase motivation, rehabilitate from an injury, or have a special date booked in your diary, our Personal Trainers can provide safe, effective and fun sessions tailored to your needs.

Your Personal Trainer will establish your goals, give you exercise and nutritional advice and most crucially, provide you with a varied and fun workout using a range of equipment and facilities. Every session is planned to motivate you and achieve the results you want.


Keeping the whole family active is vital. With a strong family culture at the club, activities include swimming lessons, Family Splash, Teen Gym sessions and much more.


When the whole family visits, the aim is to encourage participation in any activity within family friendly surroundings.

Kids' Activities

Benton Hall is a club for the whole family, with children a special priority.


In addition to the OFSTED approved creche we've got activities for children aged 8 up to 16 years old, including the FitX Club - inspiring a new generation to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Much more than just a gym.

Benton Hall offers much more than just a gym. To find out about our range of membership options, click the link below or call us on 01376 502454.